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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Zentrum für Transdisziplinäre Geschlechterstudien


Scholars and researchers in all career stages and from a wide range of disciplines work at the ZtG. Seventeen disciplines are represented at the ZtG.

  • Continuity in research and teaching is secured through professorships with a partial Gender Studies denomination. 
  • The scholars active at the Center are anchored in their native disciplines. They become secondary members of the ZtG by application
  • The ZtG’s administrative team and director provide the coordinative and organizational support necessary to ensure successful transdisciplinary research and teaching.


The Center's administrative team


Dr. Gabriele Jähnert Managing Director
Dr. Ilona Pache Programme Coordinator
Dr. Marianne Kriszio Mentoring Program Gender Studies
Kerstin Rosenbusch Administration
Claudia Küster Administration
Marie Springborn Administration
Marco Lutz Computer Lab/Multimedia
Lydia Romanowski Computer Lab/Multimedia
Clara Scholz Library/Information/Documentation
Amelie Menzel Student Assistant: Administration
Anna Kraher Student Assistant: Computer Lab
Susanne Weise Assistant: Programme Coordination
Gina Grace Godec Student Tutor
Justus-Lou Witte Student Tutor
Sasha Soldat Student Tutor
Joss Gross Student Tutor


Research Data Management/Repository for Gender Studies research


Gendering STEM digital (BMBF)

PD Dr. Sigrid Schmitz project leader
Göde Both Research assistant
Dr. Smilla Ebeling Research assistant
Felicitas Günther Student assistant
Anna Kraher Student assistant


An overview of the faculty members and researchers involved in the ZtG is available here