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Anyone Anywhere All the Time: Simultaneity, Disconnect, and the Queer Diasporic Ordinary

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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Department of English and American Studies

In this inaugural public workshop, we posit the diasporic ordinary as a spatio-temporal formation in which the demands of displacement and migration require the simultaneous and constant navigation of multiple locations, times, affects, and lives. We are claiming a specific affinity between this understanding of the diasporic ordinary and queerness.
In open-format presentations, project members and international guests will be in dialogue about the ordinary complexity that constitutes the lived reality of migrant and diasporic subjects. The workshop will engage with quotidian challenges in responding to the trap of simultaneously striving for societal inclusion and the pressures that reinforce the fractures between and amongst migrant communities. How do people articulate affects of unbelonging, feeling overwhelmed by identitarian demands, experiences of everyday racism, and mundane conviviality? This constant negotiation also requires an understanding of race and migration beyond generic “problems” of diversity, multiculturalism, and translation.
Anyone Anywhere All the Time inquires into the effects of simultaneity. How do longings for queer resonances and patterns of disconnect manifest? What are the different modes of storytelling that emerge from all of this? How do literary and artistic strategies and audiovisual forms reconcile the anecdotal and the analytical? How do they create new epistemological pathways? How does the personal as a form of literacy complicate a “confessional mode” in which minoritised subjects are often expected to speak and write? What are the traces of queerness that pervade migrant and diasporic normality?
Mojisola Adebayo
Fenja Akinde-Hummel
Elahe Haschemi Yekani
Thao Ho
Anja Sunhyun Michaelsen
Tasha Pick
Charmaine Poh
Anne Potjans
Rebecca Racine Ramershoven
Chris Tedjasukmana


Konzeption und Organisation

ERC Consolidator Grant Project “Tales of the Diasporic Ordinary: Aesthetics, Affects, Archives”
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin | Department of English and American Studies


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Semester: Wintersemester 2023/24

ZtG-Veranstaltungskategorie: Gender-Veranstaltungen der Institute/Fakultäten der HU