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Engendering and Degendering South Asian Studies

  • Wann 19.05.2011 18:00 bis 21.05.2011 18:00
  • Wo Humboldt Universität zu Berlin Berlin Invalidenstrasse 118 Raum 317
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Thursday, 19.05.2011
Venue: Festsaal, Luisenstrasse 56 

06:00 pm 
Welcome Note: Michael Mann, Professor for Culture and History of South Asia at the Institute for Asian and African Studies, Humboldt University

Keynote: "Rethinking a dubious category: Representational activism and new mobilities among 'Muslim women' in India", Nadja-Christina Schneider, Junior Professor for Mediality and Intermediality in Asian and African Societies at the Institute for Asian and African Studies, Humboldt University

07:30 pm

Friday, 20.05.2011
Venue: Institute for Asian and African Studies, Humboldt University, Invalidenstrasse 118, R. 315

09:30-10:00 am
1. Jana Tschurenev (ETH, Zürich): "Intersectionality: Gender and sexuality, empire and nation in modern South Asian History"

10:00-11:30 am
Panel "Gender and Development in South Asia" 
Chair: Manuela Ciotti, IGK
1. Ingvild Jacobsen (Norwegian University of Life Science, Aas): "Women's security in a post-conflict context (Pakistan: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Afghanistan)"
2. Evgeny Kochkin (Higher School of Economics, St. Petersburg): “Gender bias in educational expectations of children from Indian rural areas”
3. Farhat Naz (University of Bonn): "Caste system making women visible and invisible in community based water management: a case study of rural northern Gujarat, India"

11:30-11:45 am
Coffee/Tea Break

11:45-1:15 pm
Panel "Gender and Politics" 
Chair: Nitin Sinha (ZMO)
1. Patrick Hesse (Humboldt Univeristy): "Liberating Women, defending Tradition: Communist perspectives on gender emancipation in the mid-20th century"
2. Mirella Lingorska (University of Tübingen): "Female ascetics in the Hindutva"
3. Shahnaz Khalil Khan (Humboldt University): "What accounts for the absence of a concerted Muslim women's movement in J&K?"

1:15-2:15 pm
Lunch Break

2:15-03:45 pm
Panel "Gender and Work - I" 
Chair: Prabhu Mohapatra, IGK
1. Srimayee Dam (University of Calcutta): "Gender dimensions on 'role-changing': An integrative approach"
2. Julia Grünenfelder (University of Zurich): "The discursive constitution of the 'Pakistani Working Woman'"
3. Devika Sethi (JNU/Göttingen): "'Girl Clerks', 'Lady Officers' and 'Officers' Wives': Women's Employment in the Indian State"

03:45-04:00 pm
Coffee/Tea Break

04:00-05:00 pm
Panel "Gender and Work - II: Capitalizing Bodies, Capitalizing Work" 
Chair: Anne Griffiths, IGK
1. Lisa Caviglia (University of Heidelberg): "A feminist geography of sex work in Nepal: Bridging spaces, transnational movement and the body as capital and investment"
2. Sneha Banerjea (Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi): "Wombs to-let: Subversive 'work' or exploitation under capitalist patriarchy?"

5:00-5:15 pm

5:15-6:30 pm
Film and Discussion: "The Women's Centre" (2006) 
A short documentary by Jesper Nordahl about a Sri Lankan women self-help centre. 

Saturday, 21.05.2011
Venue: Institute for Asian and African Studies, Humboldt University, Invalidenstrasse 118, R. 315

9:00-10:30 am 
Panel "Sexual Identities" 
Chair: Michael Mann, Humboldt University
1. Manju Ludwig (University of Heidelberg): "The inconsistencies of discourse: The colonial archive on sexuality, sodomy and 'unnatural' behavior in 19th century North India."
2. Cora Gäbel (University of Tübingen): "Homosexuals, prostitutes or transgender? The Hijras in South Asia"
3. Kathryn Lum (European University Institute, Florence): "Equal before God, yet invisible among the Sangat: The discourse on sexuality in Sikhism"

10:30-10:45 am
Coffee/Tea Break

10:45-12:45 pm
Panel "Producing Norms of Conjugality" 
Chair: Heike Liebau, ZMO
1. Prabhat Kumar (University of Heidelberg): "Household events' in the late 19th century Bihar"
2. Razak Khan (Free University, Berlin): "Purdah politics: Narratives of princely zenana women"
3. Anja Wagner (University of Heidelberg): "Women, men, couples: Towards a unified ethnography of gender"
4. Fritzi Titzmann (Humboldt University, Berlin): "Gender and mobility: A case study on Gujarati matrimonial media"

12:45-1:45 pm

01:45-03:15 pm
Panel "Gender: Representation and Performance-I" 
Chair: Heiko Frese, University of Heidelberg
1. Maritta Schleyer (MPI, Berlin): "Sufi heroines: Gendered emotional styles and female agency in Khwaja Hasan Nizami's writing"
2. Sukla Chatterjee (University of Heidelberg): "Playing on the body: White woman's gaze and the nautch girls" 
3. Aishika Chakraborty (Brahmananda Keshab Chandra College, Calcutta): "Gendering performance: The contemporary intervention in Indian dance"

3:15-3:30 pm
Coffee/Tea Break

3:30-4:30 pm
Panel "Gender: Representation and Performance-II" 
Chair: Heiko Frese, University of Heidelberg
1. Deimantas Valanciunas (Vilnius University): "The mythologized femininity: Gendered identity and representation of a woman in Indian goddess films"
2. Hana Waisserová (Masaryk University, Brno) "South Asian Transnational Womanhood by Lahiri: Re-writing South Asian gender roles?"

4:30-4:45 pm
Coffee/Tea Break

04:45-05:45 pm
Round Table
Michael Mann (Humboldt University)
Melitta Waligora (Humboldt University)
Heiko Frese (University of Heidelberg)
Heike Liebau (Zentrum Moderner Orient)

Hosted by the Seminar for South Asian Studies, Institute for African and Asian Studies

Support Team: Marett Klahn, Julia Wisniewska, Jeremias Steinmann

Our Partners: Internationales Geisteswissenschaftliches Kolleg (IGK), Zentrum Moderner Orient (ZMO)

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Maria Framke (Jacobs University, Bremen), Mette Gabler (Humboldt University, Berlin), Maria Moritz (Jacobs University, Bremen), Nitin Sinha (Zentrum Moderner Orient), Sadia Bajwa (Humboldt University, Berlin)



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