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Center for Transdisciplinary Gender Studies

The Center brings together everything necessary for a scholarly investigation of gender relations: various academic disciplines, diverse agents of knowledge and knowledge production, and a multifaceted perspective on the examination of the gender category that draws upon all theoretical and practical fields.

News from the Center

Neues am Zentrum
Kolloquium: Ehe - Sexualität - Reproduktion. Religiöse An- und Widersprüche

Venue: HU, Auditorium im Grimmzentrum, Geschwister-Scholl-Str. 1/3; 10117 Berlin
Date: 14.12.-15.12.2023

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The ZtG is outraged by the ongoing violence against the Schwules Museum and other queer institutions in Berlin and elsewhere

Archives and museums like the SMU are important cooperation partners for research and teaching in gender studies. Together we work and research for more gender justice, the recognition of LGBTIQ* lifestyles and the visualization of queer culture and history.

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The ZtG mourns the death of Dr. Adrian de Silva

Adrian de Silva was a fellow of the Research Training Group Gender as a Category of Knowledge at HU Berlin from 2008-2011. His dissertation, published under the title 'Negotiating the Borders of the Gender Regime: Developments and Debates on Trans(sexuality) in the Federal Republic of Germany' (open access), is a foundational work on the history of the regulation of gender(change) in the Federal Republic of Germany. He established himself as an important voice of German trans* research with a large number of publications and has unfortunately been taken far too soon.

We will miss him and his academic contributions, but also his endearing humor.

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New Publications

GAMSzine No 5 - THIS IS (NOT) THE END, MY FRIEND (summer 2023)

Magazine of Gender and Media Studies for the South Asian Region
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GAMSzine No 4 - Summer 2022

Magazine of Gender and Media Studies for the South Asian Region
Pfeile Flipbook edition

Contested Urban Spaces. Monuments, Traces, and Decentered Memories
Ulrike Capdepón, Sarah Dornhof
Palgrave Macmillan, 2022
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Revisualising Intersectionality

Elahe Haschemi Yekani, Magdalena Nowicka, with Tiara Roxanne
Palgrave Macmillan, 2022
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Queer Jewish Lives Between Central Europe and Mandatory Palestine
Andreas Kraß, Moshe Sluhovsky, Yuval Yonay
transcript Verlag, 2022
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GAMSzine No 3 - Winter 2021

Magazine of Gender and Media Studies for the South Asian Region
Pfeile Flipbook edition

Queer Pain. Schmerz als Solidarisierung, Fotografie als Affizierung. Zu den Fotografien von Albrecht Becker aus den 1920er bis 1990er Jahren

Katrin Köppert, Neofelis-Verlag, 2021

Wenn Rechte reden - Die Bibliothek des Konservatismus als (extrem) rechter Thinktank

Lilian Hümmler, Marta Press, 2021

Co-Parenting und die Zukunft der
Liebe - Über post-romantische Elternschaft

Christine Wimbauer, transcript, 2021

Familial Feeling
Entangled Tonalities in Early Black Atlantic Writing and the Rise of the British Novel

Elahe Haschemi Yekani

Palgrave Macmillan, 2021

Elternschaft und Familie jenseits von Heteronormativität und Zweigeschlechtlichkeit

Almut Peukert, Julia Teschlade,
Christine Wimbauer, Mona Motakef,
Elisabeth Holzleithner (Hg.),

GENDER Sonderheft, Band 5
Budrich, 2020

Biodiversity in the Kitchen

Meike Brückner, oekom, 2020

Keeping Autonomous Driving Alive

Göde Both, Budrich, 2020

Representing trans: visibility and its discontents

Anson Koch-Rein, Elahe Haschemi Yekani und Jasper J. Verlinden (Hg.)
European Journal of English Studies, 2020

Pfeile Contents

Right-Wing Populism and Gender

Gabriele Dietze/Julia Roth (Hg.)
transcript, 2020

An Epistemology of Religion and Gender: Biopolitics – Performativity – Agency

Ulrike Auga
Routledge, 2020

Prekäre Arbeit, prekäre Liebe

Christine Wimbauer, Mona Motakef
Campus Verlag, 2020

Karten, Körper, Kollektive. Europas Grenzdiskurse - Interrelationen zwischen Geschlecht, Raum, Religion und „Rasse“ in Kartographie, Mythos und europäischer Identität

Claudia Bruns
Böhlau, 2020 (Dezember)

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