Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Zentrum für Transdisziplinäre Geschlechterstudien


The ZtG/the transdisciplinary Gender Studies at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin was part of the international PhD training and research school InterGender from 2007 to 2017.

During this time period, InterGender was borne by 16 European university institutes and university networks that offered doctorates in Gender Studies.

Through multi- and one-day courses InterGender provided and still provides a qualified and differentiated course program in the field of transdisciplinary Gender Studies. The courses are free of charge to graduates of the institutions involved and allow them to acquire ECTS-points. Persons interested in participating in the courses were able to apply per email, in each case for individual courses. Travel and accommodation costs were to be paid for separately. (It was possible for financing to be provided by the HU or DAAD as well as by various foundations awarding scholarships).

The courses were conducted at the participating institutions. There were various types of courses:

three-day thematic courses in team teaching of at least two teachers

two-day intensive courses with outstanding individual researchers

one-day networking courses on specific topics relating to a dissertation


Currently held courses can be found here


Moreover, there were networking meetings, supervision, and counseling for doctoral students and supervisors.

The administrative center of InterGender is at Linköping University in Sweden in the post-disciplinary Institute Tema Genus (Gender Studies).

InterGender is organized and financed by the participating partner institutions themselves. Every six months there is a meeting of representatives of all institutions and graduate representatives. In addition, there are regular meetings of the Executive Board to prepare the semi-annual meetings.

The meetings serve the contentual, organizational and conceptual orientation and evaluation as well as the initiation of research networks and new graduate courses.