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In Gender Studies we place special emphasis on social diversity. In this spirit, we look forward to applications from students of all social backgrounds. We would especially like to encourage minorities to apply to the program.

Where to apply?

Two different tracks are available:

  1. Application directly to Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin via our own online portal
  2. Application via the pre-audit agency uni-assist e.V.

You can check where you need to apply in the application check.

The HU application procedure starts online. In the application portal you will find the current access and admission rules as well as various forms (e.g. two self-declarations for the Master application, one for proof of gender knowledge for access and another for the selection criteria, see more below) to be submitted with the application documents in paper.

General information regarding the application procedure can be found on the student portal.



Application deadlines


  • for BA (for restricted undergraduate courses)
  • and MA (for restricted Master of Arts/Master of Science)

can be found on the HU website for academic calendars and deadlines.

You can only begin the program in the winter semester. However, if you are applying for a placement in a higher semester you may also begin in the summer semester.



Language requirements

The language of instruction is German for both the BA and MA degrees. In addition to the German taught courses we always offer a variety of classes in English. However, it is not possible to complete the programs solely in English:

"The applicant’s command of German is tested in the “Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang ausländischer Studienbewerber” (DSH). In order to be eligible for the DSH, applicants must give evidence that their command of German is at least at C1 Level according to the Common European Frame of Reference." (see link below)


  • Applicants who do not hold a German university entrance qualification (e.g., Arbitur) must submit proof of C1-level German-language skills. A certificate of attendance for a German course is not sufficient; the university requires proof of passing a final exam.
  • The above point also applies to German applicants who do not hold a German university entrance qualification.
  • Successful applicants will receive an invitation to complete the DSH test. This will be scheduled to be completed within an individual matriculation deadline, so the result can be submitted on time. (The matriculation deadline is set for individual applicants and so varies every year).
  • Questions regarding the language tests should be directed to the International Admissions Office:


For further information about the application process, language requirements, fees and more, please see: Information for prospective students from abroad (PDF).



Erasmus and exchange programs


International students who are not looking to obtain a degree should refer to the ERASMUS and Exchange Programs (Programmstudien) websites for more information.



Bachelor application


The Bachelor’s degree in the Kombifach variation requires a major and a minor. The Bachelor Gender Studies can only be counted as a minor. That means you will have to choose a major and combine it with Gender Studies. The possible combinations can be found in the HU's course catalogue.



Master application


A degree from an accredited university is a requirement for applying to the Master Gender Studies.

If you do not hold a BA in Gender Studies, it is necessary to prove your knowledge of the theories and practices of the discipline. Over the course of your degree you must have obtained a minimum of 30 credits of gender studies courses. Credits from participation in courses that emphasize gender theories and methodologies as well as the passing of corresponding examinations will be accepted. For example, interdependence and intersectionality, epistemology, and interventions in a variety of fields will be familiar areas of study for successful applicants. Credits from courses which emphasise "gender competencies in practical fields" will be accepted, but may not exceed 10 ECTS credits.

There will be a ranking of the applicants on the basis of the BA grade. For improving your position in the ranking we offer two ways to enhance your position: by verifying knowledge in gender studies to the amount of 40 ECTS in total and/or by proving 900 hours of work experience in a gender-related field.


Please note: The forms provided in the online application portal must be filled out. All qualifications mentioned must be backed up by the relevant evidence.

Proof of gender knowledge:

Step 1:
Certificate / Transcript of Records

Step 2: List knowledge in tabular form in a self-declaration (from application portal) and establish correlation or correspondence with the certificate/transcripts.

Step 3: If information in the certificate/transcript is not clear (e.g. relevance is not evident from the titles) and/or if the comparability of the acquired ECTS is limited (e.g. another ECTS awarding system is in place), then independently create another table with comprehensible assignment to the courses from the self-declaration, where links and course descriptions are evident (attach the seminar plan and/or a letter of confirmation from the teaching person if necessary).

This example overview can provide some orientation. Please note: Such a table would is submitted in addition to the self-declaration table mentioned in Step 2.

Step 4: If necessary, specify rank-changing requirements in a 2nd self-declaration (from application portal).


The Subject-specific Admission Regulations (ZSP-HU 05/2017, pp. 216-218; in German) contain more detailed information, including the selection criteria: Bachelor grade, further knowledge of Gender Studies, and professional experience and competencies.

General information on admission requirements and outstanding degrees (courses/exams not yet completed, outstanding degree certificate) can be found here: Information on applications in Master's programs - Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.


Academic Advisor: Susanne Spintig