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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Gender as a Category of Knowledge

Dr. des. Sarah Speck

PhD Project:

Called to Motherhood: Paradoxes of Wageless House and Care Work in SOS-Children’s Villages


Description of the Project


In my empirical study of the careers of Children’s Villages, I work through two questions: first the professionalization of motherhood, i.e. the transformation of the “natural” position and occupation of a mother into a career, and second the effect of the export of a cultural model in different sociocultural contexts, which I examined through fieldwork in »Mother Schools« and SOS Children’s Villages in Bolivia and Austria. This study examines the intersection of gender theory, cultural-historical, and cultural anthropological approaches, and builds on a number of different scholarly debates surrounding transformations
and functions of the semantics of motherhood, cultural globalization processes, structural changes of work, and cultures of capitalism.




Sara Speck studied applied cultural studies in Lüneberg. From 2007-2009 she was a scholarship holder at the Graduiertenkolleg. She earned her PhD in 2012 and has been a research assistant at the Institute for sociology at TU Darmstadt.
Selected Publications

zus. m. Bini Adamczak, Mike Laufenberg, Felicitas Reuschling u.a. (Hg.): Silvia Federici, Aufstand aus der Küche. Reproduktionsarbeit im globalen Kapitalismus und die unvollendete feministische Revolution, Münster 2012.

zus. m. Hans-Joachim Lenger, Michaela Ott u. Harald Strauß (Hg.): Virtualität und Kontrolle, Hamburg 2010.

zus. m. Volker Weiß (Hg.): Herrschaftsverhältnisse und Herrschaftsdiskurse. Essays zur dekonstruktivistischen
Herausforderung kritischer Gesellschaftstheorie, Münster 2007.