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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Gender as a Category of Knowledge

Dr. Persson Perry Baumgartinger

Dissertation project:

State Regulation of Trans*: A Critical Discourse and Dispositive Analysis of the »Transsexuellen-Erlass« 1980 – 2010 in Austria.




Description of the Project


This transdisciplinary and empirical research project surveys state regulation of the sex/gender binary and its negotiation using the example of the so-called »Transsexuellen-Erlass« in Austria. The project analyzes the discoursive context in which, and the dispositive conditions out of which, the edict was developed. It also explores the consequences and impact of the edict. Through the critical historical analysis of its developement 1980 – 1983 and its negotiation until 2010, a dispositive (apparatus) is created. Therefore this study develops a special methodology, critical discourshistorical dispositive analysis, which combines critical discourse analysis with approaches of dispositiv and governemental theories, as well as queer and transgender studies. The aim is to critically outline the dispositive (apparatus) in respect to the »Transsexuellen-Erlass« in Austria, going beyond disciplinary barriers.

Particulars Persson Perry Baumgartinger, studied applied linguistics, ethnology, Slavic studies, and gender studies at the University of Vienna; 2011–2013 associate and fellow at the post graduate program; diverse scholarships and research projects (among others University of Vienna, City of Vienna, Association ][diskursiv); 2015 Theodor Körner Award & 2016 ag.pro Award for the then-ongoing PhD project; 2017 PhD in Applied Linguistics at the University of Vienna; Since November 1, 2017 Senior Scientist at the Program Area Contemporary Art and Cultural Production of the „Kooperationsschwerpunkt Wissenschaft & Kunst“ (Mozarteum & University of Salzburg). Teachings at the Humboldt University of Berlin, University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg, University of Applied Sciences Campus Vienna, University of Innsbruck, Kunsthochschule Kassel as well as at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

Selected Publications


Trans Studies. Historische, begriffliche und aktivistische Aspekte. Zaglossus, Wien 2017.
Trans*Bewegung Vergessen Erinnern. Die Anfänge der aktuellen Trans*Bewegung in Österreich. In: »When we were gender …«. Geschlechter erinnern und vergessen. Analysen von Geschlecht und Gedächtnis in den Gender Studies, Queer-Theorien und feministischen Politiken, hg. v. Jacob Guggenheimer, Utta Isop, Doris Leibetseder, Kirstin Mertlitsch, Bielefeld 2014. S. 151–164.
Queeropedia [print], hg. v. Referat für HomoBiTrans-Angelegenheiten, Wien 2013.
Where Have All the Trannies Gone …, Wien 2011.
zus. m. Vlatka Frketić und Verein ][diskursiv (Hg.): TransPersonen am österreichischen Arbeitsmarkt, Wien 2008.


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