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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Gender as a Category of Knowledge

Dr. des Nanna Heidenreich

PhD Project:

A Matter of Perspective: The German »Foreigner« Discourse, its Mis/Recognitions, and the Perspective of Migration



Description of the Project


The legal category »foreigner« is regularly misunderstood to be a social category. The logic behind the discourse around foreigners in Germany can be traced back to this aporia. Immigration in Germany is treated with a certain »suggestion of ahistoricity.« This is connected to the foundational myth of the FRG, according to which everything relating to the concept of ›race‹ has been overcome. However, the semantic content of ›race‹ has not disappeared from the societal realm, but rather finds its expression in other forms and formations. These other forms regulate for instance the idea of »recognizability« of »foreigners.« Taking the visual (and other) markers that organize these mis/recognitions as cues, I examine fiction films and their »relation to the real world« (Welthaltigkeit). These films stage on the one hand the logic of the so-called foreigner discourse, thereby making this logic visible. On the other hand, film and video enable the perspective of migration.



Nanna Heidenreich, since summer 2011 lecturer/researcher in media studies at HBK Braunschweig (http://www.hbk-bs.de/hochschule/personen/nanna-heidenreich/). Previously she worked in the field of experimental film and video arts mainly in conjunction with the Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art in Berlin. Co-curator of the section Forum Expanded at the Berlinale.


Selected Publications


Ansichtssachen. Die V/erkennungsdienste des deutschen Ausländerdiskurses und die Perspektive der Migration, Bielefeld (im Erscheinen).

zus. m. Birgit Hein, Heike Klippel u. Florian Krautkrämer (Hg.): Film als Idee. Birgit Heins Texte zu Film/Kunst. Bielefeld (im Erscheinen).

Die Kunst des Aktivismus. Kanak Attak revisited. In: Konferenzband »Migration und künstlerische Produktion«, hg. v. Burcu Dogramaci (in Vorbereitung).

If you are clever, you will see it as a spoof of science fiction and sex. Frauenfiguren, Sex und Geschlechterverhältnisse in James-Bond-Filmen. In: Bond, … James Bond. Filmplakate und Fotografien aus fünfzig Jahren, Katalog, hg. v. Museum Folkwang, Göttingen 2012.