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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Gender as a Category of Knowledge

Dr. Nadine Teuber

PhD Project:

The Gender of Depression: Femininity and Masculinity in Concepts of Depressive Disorders



Description of the Project


The statistical and iconographic image of depression, which is being diagnosed more frequently worldwide, is that of a woman. Women are at a greater risk of developing depression than men and stereotypes of femininity appear as expressions of mild depression. This project examines interdisciplinary conceptual connections between cultural and symbolic gender norms, and depressive disorders. Nadine Teuber follows the traces of gendered politics of loss in medical, psychoanalytic, and cultural history perspectives – from melancholic masculinity to modern expressions of medicalized, depressive femininity. She argues that early experiences of loss in the development of gender and sexuality in the family interact with social and cultural norms that predispose girls and women to a hightened risk of depression.




Studied psychology in London and Frankfurt. Dissertation 2010 at Humboldt University Berlin, 2011 Visiting Heuss Lecturer an der New School for Social Research, New York (USA). Currently works at the Psychoanalysis Department, Goethe-University Frankfurt, psychoanalyst in training, Frankfurt Psychoanalytic Institute (DPV).


Selected Publications


zus. m. Ilka Quindeau u. Katrin Einert: Kindheiten im Nationalsozialismus und Zweiten Weltkrieg. Das Zusammenwirken von NS-Erziehung und Bombenangriffen. In: BIOS. Zeitschrift für Biographieforschung, Oral History und Lebensverlaufsanalysen 25/1 (2012). S. 87 – 118.

Das Geschlecht der Depression. Weiblichkeit und Männlichkeit in der Konzeptualisierung depressiver Störungen, Bielefeld 2011.

zus. m. Maja Figge u. Konstanze Hanitzsch (Hg.): Scham und Schuld. Geschlechter(sub)texte der Shoah, Bielefeld 2010.



http://www.psychoanalyse.uni-frankfurt.de/ Personen/teuber/index.html