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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Gender as a Category of Knowledge

Gintare Malinauskaite

PhD Project:

Medial Holocaust Memory in Lithuania After 1990


Description of the Project


The aim of this research project is to analyze the representation of the Holocaust in the Lithuanian national media, documentary, and feature films. It analyzes how Lithuanian media has represented and staged the Holocaust since 1990. The focus lies on the identification of Holocaust discourse phases, actors, narratives, iconographies, and gendered memories in the Lithuanian media landscape. This research project will be a contribution to the development of Holocaust and cultural memory studies in Lithuania, which have never been executed in a medial framework, with a concentration on gender or a focus on film analysis.



Gintare Malinauskaite, received her BA/MA in political science and interdisciplinary Latin American studies at Vytauto Didžiojo universitetas in Kaunas, Freie Universität Berlin and Central European University Budapest. 2007-2009 DAAD scholarship holder, 2009-2010 Open Society Foundation scholarship awardee. Since 2010 a PhD candidate in history at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, 1/2013-12/2013 scholarship holder at Research Training Group »Gender as a Category of Knowledge«. Since 2013 associate scholar at Center for Jewish Studies Berlin-Brandenburg.


Selected Publications


Filmische Darstellung sexueller Gewalt im litauisch-deutschen Shoah-Film »Ghetto«. In: Tagungsband zur Konferenz »When we were gender …«. Geschlechter erinnern und vergessen, Bielefeld 2013 (im Erscheinen).

Film als Erinnerungsraum des Holocausts in Litauen. Jüdische Frau zwischen Erinnern und Vergessen. In: Tagungsband zur Konferenz »Geschlecht und Geschichte in populären Medien«, Bielefeld 2013 (im Erscheinen).