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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Gender as a Category of Knowledge

Dr. Anson Koch-Rein

PhD Project:

Novel Families: Literary and Juridical Variations on a Queer National Theme

koch rein


Description of the Project


The dissertation topic focused on literary, legal, and political re-figurations of the nexus between family and queerness in the USA at the beginning of the 21st century. The project took as its starting point the intersection of two discursive events, namely societal debates about LGBT »novel families« on the one hand and the advent of
queer presences in neo-realist »family novels« on the other. The project looked at pro-same-sex legal decisions and the political debates surrounding definitions of the family, as well as at family novels (The Corrections, Lipshitz Six) and their representations of queer voices and characters. By examining »the family,« this project honed in on the main theater for the production of gender and sexual knowledge, and examined the functions and results of the interaction of queerness and family in two different discursive arenas.




Anson Koch-Rein, studied American studies and gender studies in Berlin, a member of the Research Training Group from 2007 to 2008, PhD Candidate at the Graduate Institute of the Liberal Arts at Emory University in Atlanta, GA, finished dissertation project »Mirrors, Monsters, Metaphors: Transgender Rhetorics and Dysphoric Knowledge« in May 2014. 2014-2016: Visiting Assistant Professor of Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies, Middlebury College (Vermont, USA).


Selected Publications


Reading Like a (Transsexual) Monster. Frankenstein as Transgender Metaphor. In: Trans Literary Reader, hg. v. Kirsten Saxton, Ajuan Mance a. Rebekah Edwards, 2013 (im Erscheinen).

Geschlecht als Auslegungssache. Rezension zu: Geschlecht als Erwartung. Das Geschlechtsdiskriminierungsverbot als Recht gegen Diskriminierung wegen der sexuellen Orientierung und der Geschlechtsidentität. Laura Adamietz, Baden-Baden 2011. In: querelles-net. Rezensionszeitschrift für Frauen- und Geschlechterforschung 13/1 (2012). (http://www.querelles-net.de/index.php/qn/article/view/1000/1003).

Rezension zu: Weiß – Weißsein – Whiteness. Kritische Studien zu Gender und Rassimus. Martina Tißberger, Gabriele Dietze, Daniela Hrzán u. a. (Hg.), Frankfurt a. M. 2006. In: Bulletin Info 34, hg. v. Zentrum für
transdisziplinäre Geschlechterstudien, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin 2007. S. 47 f.