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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Zentrum für Transdisziplinäre Geschlechterstudien

Visiting Scholars

Scholars from around the world come to work at the ZtG through ERASMUS-cooperation agreements. They often give seminars or guest lectures, and always greatly enrich our colloquiums, workshops and symposiums.
The ZtG offers visiting scholars a home and support as they conduct research in Berlin.


Lucia Wieger (Master Student at University Vienna) is working at the ZtG on her master thesis "Frauen wohnen. Das Heimhof Frauenwohnheim in Wien und die Bedeutung feministischer Wohnformen der ersten Frauenbewegung als Frauenöffentlichkeit" from 1st March until 30th June 2017.

Amin Benamra (Doctoral Candidate at the Autonomous University of Madrid) is engaged in research at the ZtG for his PhD project "The New Communication Technologies and the Dynamics of Feminine Subaltern public Spheres within the Virtual Space" from 10th November until 23rd November 2016.

Prof Dr Chia Longman (Ghent University, Belgium) is working as a visiting scholar at the ZtG on her book project "Post-secular Femininities: Women's Spirituality in Contemporary Well-Being Culture" from September 13th 2016 to end of August 2017.

Tiina Pitkäjärvi (Doctoral Candidate at Uppsala University, Sweden) is working at the ZtG on her PhD dissertation "Breast cancer awareness and fundraising campaigns in Sweden from a material-semiotic perspective" from 15th August until 30th November 2016.

Sofia Varino (Doctoral Candidate at Stony Brook University, NY, USA) is working as a visiting scholar at the ZtG on her PhD project “Vital Differences: Indeterminacy and the Biomedical Body” from Autumn 2015 until July 2017.

Sadia Akbar (University of the Punjab, Pakistan) is engaged in research at the ZtG for her PhD project "Body Image and Sexuality: Personal Perspectives of Physically Disabled Women in Pakistan" for three years (starting summer semester 2015).


Past visiting scholars include:

Dr Gundula Ludwig (Universität Wien) was working as a visiting scholar at the ZtG on her habilitation project "Der Körper des Demos" from October 1st 2015 to September 30th 2016.

Dr Laia Falcón (Universidad Complutense, Madrid) was engaged in bibliographical research on "Early prevention of social risks such as gender violence and sexism from education and media literacy" at the ZtG from August 2nd to August 31st 2016.

Dr Birgit Schippers (St Mary's University College Belfast) was engaged in research at the ZtG for her project "Posthumanist Challenges to Human Rights: Gendering the Posthuman" from July 5th 2016 until 31st August 2016.

Prof Ph.D. Manon Niquette (Université Laval, Québec, Canada) was conducting research for her project on "Construction of motherhood in online pharmaceutical advertising" from July 4th to July 29th 2016 at the ZtG.

Katalin Ráhel Turai (Doctoral Candidate at the Central European University, Budapest) was working as a visiting scholar at the ZtG on her PhD dissertation "Shifting Gender in Desire. Narratives of bisexually changing attraction, practice, and subjectivity in present-day Hungary" from April 18th to July 22nd 2016.

Chiara Iorino (Doctoral Candidate at IMT Institute for Advanced Studies, Lucca, Italy) was conducting research for her project on "Intersection between feminist theories, practices of appropriation and iconoclasm with a focus on the second half of the XX century" from March 1st to July 22nd 2016 at the ZtG.

Stefanie C. Boulila (Center for Interdisciplinary Gender Studies, University of Leeds, UK) worked at the ZtG from September 2013 to February 2016 on her disseration "Dancing Salsa in Post-Thinking Europe: A Queer Intersectional Analysis of Gender and Sexuality Discourses in Salsa Communities in Switzerland and the UK".

Karla Elliott (Doctoral Candidate at the Centre for Women's Studies and Gender Research, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia) worked with the ZtG from January 2015 until February 2016 as a visiting scholar, conducting research for her PhD project  "Caring Masculinities and Men's Friendships".

Anniken Sørli (Universität Oslo) researched as a visiting scholar for her PhD project "Legal Gender meets reality: the right to gender identify in a life cycle perspective" from September 12th to December 13th 2015.

Dr. Jane Messer (Macquarie University, Australia) worked at the Philosophy Institute of the HU and the ZtG on  "Work, Care and Identity: Reconceptualising Maternal Labour".

Dr. Annalisa Murgia (Universität Trento, Italien) was as a visiting scholar at the ZtG and worked on her Postdoc Project on "Precariousness and subjectivities and the progressive growth of freelancers in Europe" in November 2015.

Mag. Persson Perry Baumgartinger (MA, Universität Wien) researched as a visiting scholar on his project, "Staatliche Regulierung von Geschlecht als Zweigeschlechterkonstrukt - Kritische Diskurshistorische Dispositivanalyse anhand des so genannten 'Transsexuellen-Erlasses' 1980-2010 in Österreich" from March 2014 until October 2015.

Daniel Hardegger worked as a visiting scholar on his project "Ph.D. Candidates in the Humanities at the Universities of Berlin, London and Columbia University, New York, 1871-1913" from September 2014 until September 2015.

Professor Dr. Janik Bastien Charlebois (Université du Quebec à Monstréal) conducted research on intersexuality at the ZtG once again from the beginning of June 2015 until the end of August 2015.

Joseph De Lappe (The Open University, UK) researched on his PhD project "'Asexy and we know it': The emergence of Asexual Activism as a contemporary Sexual and Gender Social Movement" at the ZtG in June 2015.

Dr. Lisa Marchi (University of Trento, Italy) conducted research on her postdoctoral project "Liminal Tensions: Women Poets of the Arab Diaspora" as a visiting scholar at the ZtG from end of October until mid-December 2014.

William Schlesinger (Yale University, USA) was visiting the ZtG for the academic year 2013/14 on a Fulbright research grant, studying "HIV/AIDS, immigration, and the politics of integration in Berlin".

Prof. Dr. Janik Bastien Charlebois (Université du Québec à Montréal) conducted research as a visiting scholar on intersexuality from the beginning of June until the end of August 2014.

Professor Dr. Elisabeth Reitinger (Associate Professor at Universität Klagenfurt, Wien and Graz) worked at the ZtG as a visiting researcher from March to July 2014, examining "Age(s), Gender, Dimentia" ("Alter(n), Gender, Demenz").

Elena de Barrio Alvarez (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid) worked at the HU on her dissertation project "Psychological effects on the victims of trafficking: Revision of the legal framework" from November 2013 until July 2014.

Professor Dr. Vandana Joshi (Associate Professor, University of Delhi, India) was the Alexander-von-Humboldt Fellow for September 2012 - early 2014. She is working with Professor Claudia Bruns of the Institute for Cultural Studies and at the ZtG on her project "Wartime Sexuality: State Policies and Social Practices in Germany and Britain (1939-45)”.

Prasheela Karan (University of New South Wales, Sidney) worked at the ZtG on her dissertation project "Gender Mainstreaming of Microcredit Programs" from mid-July until mid-December 2013. 

Dr. Ruth Preser (Gender Studies Program, Bar-Ilan University, Israel) worked on her postdoctoral fellowship book project "Belonging Travels" during the academic year 2012/13 at the ZtG and the Institue for European Ethnology.

Karin Hostettler (lic. phil. I, Research Training Group "Representation, Materiality and Gender" University Basel) worked on her dissertation "Denk(t)raum Mensch. Kant zu Rasse und Geschlecht" at the ZtG from July 2012 until December 2013.

Jón Ingvar Kjaran (Doctoral fellow at the University of Iceland) worked from February 2013 until March 2013 as a visiting scholar at the ZtG on his dissertation „Heterosexual discourse and the experiences of queer students in Icelandic upper secondary schools”.

Professor Yi-Chien Chen, J.S.D. (Associate Professor & Director, Graduate Institute for Gender Studies, Shih Hsin University, Taiwan) researched as a visiting scholar on a fellowship from July until December 2012. She worked on her project "Transgender Rights - a Comparative Law Study".

Professor Dr. Theresa Kulawik (Department for Gender Studies, Södertörn University, Stockholm) worked from July until December 2012 as a visiting scholar on her book "Körperpolitik in Deutschland, Polen und Schweden".

Georg Gierzinger worked on his dissertation “Deconstruction of Masculinity in Literature” at the ZtG from April 2011 until March 2012. The Office for International Relations at Innsbruck University supported his project with a fellowship for short term scholarly research abroad.

Kim Fordham (University of Alberta, Canada) was a visiting scholar at the ZtG since August 2011. She was working on her research project, “I Hurt: Victims Becoming Perpetrators in Contemporary Fiction by German-Speaking Female Authors” until June 2012.

Dr. Thomas Hilder (Royal Holloway, University of London) conducted research on music, gender and sexuality in a project titled, "The Role of Musical Performance in Transnational Queer Activism" throughout 2011.

Robin Ford (University of Alaska,  Anchorage, USA) visited the ZtG as a Fulbright scholar at the ZtG during the winter semester of 2010/2011.

Tuula Juvonen (University of Helsinki) worked at the ZtG on her project „Non-normative sexualities of female and male politicians“ during the Summer of 2010.

A conference on June 11th 2010, “Normality on Probation?: Lesbian and Gay Politicians in Democratic Media” resulted from the cooperation between Andreas Heilmann and the ZtG. Furthermore, Shamira A. Meghani (University of Sussex) visited the ZtG during  the summer semester of 2010.